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V-moda M-80

"Love the V-80! Especially the shape. V-MODA delivers again with perfect sound quality anywhere and even for DJing or in the studio. Very Happy!"
- NERVO V-80 REVIEW - DJ, Songwriter/Producer, Artist Duo

"V-80 is much more balanced, more articulate, more revealing, and I have a feeling it will find much love with a lot of the audiophile-type Head-Fi'ers."
- HEAD-FI Founder, Jude

"After using the headphones for seconds, you can tell that the lightweight, high-fashioned headphones have incredible sound and comfort, producing life-like 3D sound."
- Miami Herald, Greg Ellman

"Every genre of music and all of the videos we tested with the new Crossfades sounded pretty close to great right away."
- iLounge (Crossfade M-80 and V-80 review)

"Try as I might, I can't find any significant faults with V-MODA's latest set of on-ear headphones, a pair of luxary cans that marry elegant style and high quality materials to superb sound"
- CTV News, Chad Sapieha (Crossfade M-80 and V-80 review)

“Your headphones should be as unique as your style and music, they are the most visible product that you use every day.  When you put these headphones on, you share the true passion and blood line of those whose music is in their veins.”
- Val Kolton, V-MODA CVO and DJ




V-80 On-Ear Noise Isolating : METAL : Headphones
Life begins at night for the vampires of True Blood®, when the ability to hear a heartbeat from afar is a primal necessity. It is this heightened sense of sound that is the essence of the ultra-compact V-80 On-Ear headphone.

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