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ACT-100 series is the latest development out of the new models with better features and longer receiving interference from, built more number of channels simultaneously without disturbing each other. Best general on stage and sing karaoke OK professional applications.

Key Features 
Adopt new design standards for all international EIA U metal chassis, the assembly of silver-gray line of the control panel, bright LED display a clear message receive operation, after the device has to provide bias panel antenna base, you can connect an external antenna or coaxial Boosters
and extend the antenna, install distributor can provide multi-channel common antenna to improve reception range and signal quality, the best reception.

Patented panel design, with receiver sensitivity controller, you can increase the receiver sensitivity in order to increase the distance, or lower sensitivity to avoid noise interference.

First noise light can be turned on or off based on indicator to identify whether the receiver by the noise interference, the receiver sensitivity appropriate adjustments.

The use of proprietary third-generation filters and the most sophisticated high-frequency circuit, the number of channels without interference and to enhance the superior anti-jamming features.

Less interference with the use of carrier frequency noise of the UHF band, PLL phase-locked oscillator circuit design, features the most stable, lowest harmonic radiation.

Built-in two receiving channels, each channel Built-in 10 groups, a total of 102 pre-select the finest non-interfering frequencies, with the most advanced Auto Scan automatically search, you can quickly set the working channel without interference.

Has the world's first "ACT" automatic channel chase lock, automatically, quickly and accurately lock transmitter frequency.

Original CPU control dual antenna "to receive automatic selection information" and "sound code, lock noise" dual mute controls, eliminate and avoid receiving staccato computer equipment, karaoke machines, CD-ROM and other radiation noise.

Best to switch the output of three sections of the volume, and volume of output is equal to the default receiver sensitivity of the microphone capsule, when used without adjustment, to ensure that the microphone in the best sensitivity and dynamic range of action, not produce saturation distortion.

May be the most complete MIPRO external antenna system.

First volume balancer to replace the traditional volume control, microphone volume can be adjusted mixture of two sizes.

High-volume dynamic range, high fidelity characteristics, enjoy singing loud without distortion, sound experts to meet the requirements of sound reproduction.

Carrier frequency
UHF 620 ~ 934MHz
Receiving antenna
Post-separation design
Receive channel
Dual Channel
Preset Frequencies
 1 to 6 pre-8 group of unconditional non-interfering frequencies, the first group of 7 to 8 and 9, the default 12 to 10 groups of pre-15 non-interfering frequencies, were pre-
102 fine to pick a combination of frequency
Receive mode
CPU control information to receive automatic selection
Oscillation mode
PLL frequency synthesizer phase-locked
RF stability
± 0.005% (-10 ~ 50 ℃)
Practical sensitivity
When the input 10dBμV, S / N> 80dB
Maximum Deviation
± 68KHz
Integrated S / N ratio
> 106dB (A)
Comprehensive T.H.D.
<0.5% @ 1KHz
Frequency response
50Hz ~ 18KHz
Mute control mode
"Sound and noise lock code" dual mute controls
Volume output
Default equal to the microphone capsule sensitivity, users do not have to adjust the volume output
Maximum output voltage
Three-Switch: +10 dBV / 0dBV /-6dBV
Power Supply
External AC power supply, 12 ~ 15VDC, 1A
With transmitter
ACT-30H, ACT-30T
420 (W) × 44 (high) × 204 (D) mm
About 1.7 kg
All specifications are subject to error, based on the actual product.

Carrier frequency range, maximum deviation degree in accordance with national radio regulations have different specifications. 


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