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Monster® Turbine™ Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers™
Pro speaker design with low mass, ultra-wide bandwidth driver for superior accuracy.
All-metal construction cancels unwanted resonance for pure sound.
Pro Sound SupertipTM with advanced construction provides maximum sound isolation.
Pro strain relief; rugged construction withstands heavy duty use.
MicroStrand conductors with ultra-low impededence for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction.




"On Radiohead's "In Rainbows" CD, the Copper unleashed more of the drums' punch and impact than I've ever heard from in-ear headphones that sell for less than $1,000. Bass goes nice and deep, with spectacular definition."

"If you want to hear the most accurate sound, get the Copper."

-Steve Guttenberg, CNET:
The Audiophilliac

"You can hear everything and it seems like its in the right context… its not hyped this way or hyped that way. It seems to have body, where a lot of headphones, you’re just happy to hear anything."
Rick Lawson, Producer

"I got the coolest bass and fullness and oh my gosh! It was amazing!"

"I’ve been using speakers of course, and I don’t use headphones at all, and times that I’ve traveled I’ve thought, ‘Oh my gosh, if I could only have some great headphones, it would be terrific,’ and here they are."

Michael Lloyd, Producer

"Nowadays, man, we mix for the headphones and the car, because that’s where people listen to music now. What’s important is making sure it sounds good in the cans, in the headphones and it sounds good in the car. So, with these Monster earphones it’s perfect, because it sounds like having studio speakers in your ears. It’s very cool man and I’m really excited to just be able to be at the airport and to just shut the world off and listen to what I’m working on. It’s very cool."
Marcus Miller, Producer (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, George Benson)

Studio Reference In Ear Speakers

Designed For Serious Audiophiles and Audio Professionals
Turbine Pro Copper are studio quality monitors engineered for the most critical listening applications. They deliver the accuracy, transparency and detail required by musicians and audio professionals that absolutely must hear absolutely everything. Advanced driver technology, resonance-cancelling enclosures and superior isolation provide astonishing new benchmarks in resolution and clarity. The end result is true game changer in personal listening -- a high end audio experience that you can put in your pocket.

A New Paradigm In Personal Audio
Turbine Pro Copper faithfully reproduces all your audio sources with complete tonal and dynamic fidelity throughout the frequency spectrum. Its ultra-wideband driver system delivers deep, tight bass that sounds like an in-ear subwoofer, and crystal clear mids and trebles that rival full-sized high-end speakers. The sound is open, unveiled and remarkably vivid -- you’ll hear exciting new subtleties even in your best-loved music.

Reference Quality Playback For The Most Critical Listeners
Monster’s name is legendary throughout the music world, from stage to studio, and our audio professionals are as passionate about music as the artists and engineers who create it. Our "instrument" is audio design, and we’re constantly driven to ever-higher achievements in sonic performance. When we invited the Monster virtuosos to create an in-ear speaker system that they themselves would want to own, the stunning result was Turbine Pro Copper.

A High End Audio System That Fits In Your Pocket
Turbine Pro Copper has been conceived as a true audiophile playback system that just happens to be extremely portable. Its superior fit and isolation duplicates the effect of full-sized speakers perfectly tuned to their room. The patented Magnetic FluxTube™ cabling is derived from the same technology found in the best Monster Speaker cables, as are the secure, 24k gold plated connectors. With Turbine Pro Copper, in-ear listening is no longer a compromise for the serious listener.

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