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Monster MH MLD IE

Monster® Miles Davis Tribute™ High Performance In-Ear Speakers
Stunning audio homage to Miles Davis and the sonic worlds he opened.
Precision tuned to accurately reproduce the unique acoustic tones of jazz.
Superb musicality that makes all your favorite tracks more vivid and real.
Special case that pays tribute to Miles' trumpet case.
A musician's in-ear speaker that's also a collector's item.



"...in a market now flooded with in-ear Headphones for iPods and other MP3 players—ranging from cheaply built/sounding (Apple's own earbuds, for example) to higher-priced audiophile buds from companies like Shure and Bose—not only do the Miles Davis Tribute 'phones sound as good as the press sheet says they do, they're hands-down amongst the most comfortable buds on the market." - John Kelman, AllAboutJazz.com Read Full Review

"The Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones incorporate resonance-free metal bodies surrounding high-quality miniature speaker drivers. The gold/brass finish echoes the look of Davis’ trumpet and adds a brazen touch of style that jazz’s flamboyant Prince of Darkness surely would have appreciated."
Brent Butterworth, Robb Report

Rated one of the 10 Best Headphones of 2010 by DigitalTrends.com

The Ultimate Jazz Experience Headphone

Made for Enjoying Miles and All That Jazz
From the groundbreaking sonorities of Birth of the Cool, through the rich orchestral textures of Sketches of Spain and the contemplative intimacy of Kind of Blue, you’ve never heard your favorite jazz the way you will through Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones. Monster has designed these special edition in-ear monitors to be just as masterful and musically arresting as the genius that inspired them.

Frontmen And Sidemen Take Center Stage
Jazz is about musicianship and so are these tribute headphones, which have been designed to showcase your favorite musicians in every way. From Mingus’s upright to Jaco’s electric, bass players finally get their due. Whether it’s the delicacy of Paul Motian or the explosiveness of Tony Williams, drummers sound remarkably present. Pianists like Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock float through the soundstage with incredible immediacy. And of course, the sax men, from Bird to Trane to Cannonball -- it’s like they’re playing right there in front of you.

"i put on the ear buds" and see the band"....
Great Bassist Mr. Ron Carter


Great for All Music
Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones are designed and precision tuned to accurately reproduce the unique acoustic tones of jazz. This faithfulness to a broad spectrum of sonic colors lets you re-discover all of your favorite music, even beyond jazz, in exciting new detail. You’ll hear subtleties that you’ve never heard before, and find new things to appreciate with every listen.

Limited Edition for The Most Discriminating Jazz Fans Only
Like a limited pressing, Miles Davis Tribute Headphones will not be available to everyone. Tributes are packaged in a high quality case reminiscent of Miles trumpet case. So Tributes are both the best in-ear headphones for jazz available, and a special keepsake celebrating Miles’ career and the music that has meant so much to us all.

The SuperTip™ Eartip
Audiophiles and audio professionals know the importance of sound isolation, and for an in-ear headphone, that job lays squarely on the eartip. Monster has surpassed conventional eartip design with our incredible new SuperTips, which provide studio quiet isolation, even in noisy environments. All the fine nuances and inner detail that the Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones are capable of producing are faithfully retained with these exclusive eartips.

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