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KME DA 230

Digital functionality:
The K.M.E. DA 230 is a fully digital two-channel amplifier with comprehensive DSP features and two Class D amplifier channels of the newest generation. The DSP functions contain matrix router, six fully parametric equalizers, two crossover networks, high-/low-pass filter, delay, dynamic processor with compressor/Peak RMS limiter, gain control fixed or variable, and polarity. All parameters as well as user navigation can be managed using a simple 5-key navigation pad together with 4 rotary encoders. The sophisticated user interface is completed by a graphic LCD display and 4 RGB LEDs informing about relevant operation parameters, preset names and state of the single channels. Practice oriented control features make also complex adjustments on the device like preset settings easy. All settings can be locked in different levels via the lock function and can be saved from unwanted changed by entering a password. Permanent monitoring of all relevant parameters including log book functions like using and power hour meter make it a perfect device for rental companies.

The storage medium:
In the amplifier is also implemented a SD card reader in the front, this interface enables to transfer K.M.E. preset files or firmware updates (later software updates) saved on an SD card efficiently to other devices. The internal storage is devided into the free-programmable user sector and the fixed factory sector.
The software:
By means of an editor software you can create independently your own presets quickly on the computer, save this K.M.E. preset files on a SD card and transfer it to the DA 230.
The connections:
On the input side two analogue line-in or one digital line-in connectors as well as four linkout connectors are available which could be used analogue, digital or combined. The outside power connection was realised using a self-locking Neutrik PowerCon connector, 4 Neutrik Speakon sockets (two are wired ›bi-amp‹).
The field of application:
Its wide-range application scope lasts from monitor- over the use in passive components to the realization of multichannel systems within sound installations. The DA 230 is mainly intended for the amplification of more powerful reinforcement components

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