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ACME IL-0824

IL-0824 DMX Controller


Specified parameter

●     In order to use iLead, please link iSolution lights, like iRock, iShow, 
        iMove, etc, together in a daisy chain. The more channels the lighting 
        fixtures have, the closer the units have to be put in the beginning of
        the chain. iLead has two DMX outputs and two easy controller
        ( Master/ Slave ) outputs which enable iLead to link all iSolution
        lightings together.  Under DMX operation, iLead can control 24
        lights up to 8 channels per fixture.
●     Under DMX operation, iLead can control 24 lights up to 8 channels
         per fixture.
iSolution operation
●     The channel sequence (DMX configuration ) of iLead is Pan/ Tilt/ 
        Shutter/ Gobo/ Color/ Rotating Gobo/ Dimmer/ Focus. And you will find 
        iSoluton lighting products have the same, consistent DMX configuration
●     You can set up light’s DMX address remotely by iLead controller. No
       need to climb up to the ceiling to change light’s address.  
●     For the lightings in the chain, you can designate the fixture’s
        number from 1 ~ 24; and the fixtures at different positions can be
        designated with the same fixture numbers.  Each chain one can have
        maximum 64 lightings linked together.
●     To choose the lights in the chain you want to control, just press 
         button ’’  Scanners ’’.  You can control Movement (pan/ tilt ),
         Shutter, Gobo, Color,  Rotating Gobo, Dimmer, and Focus by
         pressing the relevant buttons.
●     A.) Edit a scene
        For positioning Pan/Tilt, you can use Joystick or Sliders ( Speed for
        pan / Xfade for tilt ) to locate the positions.
●     For choosing shutter, gobo, color, rotating gobo, dimmer, and focus,
        press the 12 buttons ( every button with 2 pages for a total of 24
        different  values) or move Xfade slider to select what you want.
●     B.) Create a show
        Tailor many scenes together to become a show, a show can contain
       48 scenes. You can save 24 shows in the iLead controller. 
●     12 preset shows for your instant show editing. You can choose
        shutter, gobo, color,dimmer,  etc., for the show. The shows are with
        adjustable fade time, speed, range, and position setting.
●     After saving the shows, press ’’light show ’’ button to trigger
         the shows. The shows can  run under three different modes  Auto,
         Sound, or Manual. Under Auto mode, you can  adjust speed and
         fade time.
●     The saved shows can run at the same time or run one by one.
●     Add ’’ override ’’ button to meet venue’s special purposes,
          like override  some certain  lights to act as follow spots. 
●     Add ’’ Blackout ’’ button. When the LED is on, it’s in
         blackout status;  LED off, it’s  in DMX status; LED blinking,
         it’s in Stand Alone operation.
Stand Alone operation
●     Incorporate 2 extra easy controllers for immediate pre-programmed
        shows.  All the  iSolution lightings can be linked to the 2 DMX
        outputs on iLead controller or to the 2 Stand Alone outputs,
        performing dynamic lighting shows triggered by Easy Controller.
●     Hold on ’’ Blackout ’’ for 3 seconds to activate stand alone 
Value-Added function
●     Add ’’ Fog ’’ button for instant access to fog machine.
●     Add ’’ Strobe ’’ button for instant access to iBeat S Strobe.
        Strobe speed is adjustable. Hold on the ’’ Strobe ’’ button and
        press’’ 1 ~ 12 ’’ buttons at the same time to change speed. 
●     Upload / Download programs to/ from PC or DMX recorder.
●     MIDI controllable or Sound activated.
●     Power input: DC 9V 300mA min.
●     2 DMX outputs: 3 pin female XLR; 1 DMX input : 3 pin male XLR
●     2 Stand-alone outputs: 5 pin male XLR
●     Fogger output & strobe output
●     Audio input & MIDI input
●     Size: 485 x 135 x 80 mm
●     Weight: 2.5 kgs

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