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MC2 E90

The E90 is the newest addition to the E Series. Based on new MC2 proprietary Class-D technology, it has been designed to meet the demands for higher power with increased efficiency whilst still maintaining the renowned MC2 sonic qualities and unsurpassed reliability. Running cool even in the most difficult conditions, the E90 can deliver up to 4500w into 4 ohms and a massive 8000w into 2 ohms, with outstanding distortion figures.

The sophisticated MC2 power control circuits keep the amplifier operating within safe limits and allow it to be operated on standard mains supplies. Together with its switchmode power supply and huge power reservoirs, the E90 is capable of delivering large peaks of energy, producing effortless bass delivery without any perceivable ‘sag’.



  • MC2 proprietary Class-D technology with Dual Feedback Loop system for lightning fast transient response, ultra high-definition sound and high efficiency.
  • Resonant Switchmode power supply with large power reservoir giving extremely high peak power without any bass ‘sag’.
  • All new Over Load (O-Load) limiters, linked to the output current monitors (specific to the E90) and the power supply, keep mains input and amplifier output currents within a safe operating area at all times, whilst maintaining transparent sonic performance.
  • All new low distortion limiters with adjustable threshold points for extra speaker protection.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.
  • All new, low distortion limiters with adjustable threshold points for extra speaker protection.
  • Power Reduction Circuit (PRC) controls on rear panel, linked to the limiter threshold which allow each channel to be independently set so that different loudspeakers can be connected to each channel with safety.
  • Full DC, thermal and individual short circuit protection, which automatically disconnects the outputs under a fault condition.
  • Soft start ‘power on’ with full in-rush protection.
  • Lightweight, aluminium construction.
  • Weighs around 11.5 kg
  • 5-year warranty.

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