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Lightwave Boom Pole(185701)

 185701 Aluminum A-5 News Boom Pole (Lightwave)


Boom Poles

The A5 News Boom Pole is telescopic microphone boom pole. The tubing on the A5 News pole is made from a high grade 1.0mm thick aluminum alloy. This gives the pole exceptional strength at great value.

Our patented locking system is completely different in design from all other boom poles on the market. To remove weight and ease the cleaning of the pole, the locking system uses no metal components. The locking system can then be stripped down completely for cleaning as required.

  • Shut Length: 0.660 Metres (2’ 2”)
  • Ext. Length: 2.489 Metres (8’ 2”)
  • Diameters 17 mm –  Ø 29 mm
  • Weight, w/o coil: 640g (22.6 oz)
  • Weight, with coil: 780g (27.5 oz)


Whereas on all existing pole designs fine metal threads are used, the A5 News boom pole instead uses a triple-cam lock system. This allows for a minimal twist to lock/unlock and makes the pole far less likely to jam when dirty


Key points

  • Robust & strong pole
  • Patented locking mechanism – with NO screw threads
  • Simple 15 degree twist locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • Pole tip - Stainless steel 3/8” BSW (Whitworth) thread
  • Top grade 1.0 mm (0.038”) thick aircraft grade aluminum tubes.

The pole can be supplied with an internal coiled cable as an option. The coiled cable & connectors have all been chosen for their high quality. At present there is only a straight exit XLR output.


Cable/Connectors Specification

  • Balanced microphone twin with ultra-fine stranded copper cores (50/0.05mm) and a helical screen
  • Sheathed in matt-black soft Polyurethane to 3.85mm diameter
  • Neutrik NC3 (XLR-style) connectors with gold-finished pins
  • The free cable is 400mm in length to allow use with all standard shockmount & windscreens.


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