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Quest QA 4004

QA series amplifiers are manufactured to a standard accepted as desirable practice for a concert standard power amplifier. Heavy gauge welded steel chassis with vibration proof fittings and an emphasis on over engineering guarantees years of trouble free service in demanding environments.

The QA amplifier range has been designed and engineered to a standard not only more than adequate for any demanding installation, it will handle a touring environment with military endurance.

As with all Quest Engineering products it's not looks alone, the design emphasis is on good sonic performance and long life span under professional conditions.


The QA amplifiers are designed to handle low impedance (2 ohms) and inductive loads and when driven to excessive level will "soft clip", but the best insurance is no clipping at all.

The switch able limiter system is controlled by a high speed VCA chip that will limit both PEAK and RMS power to prevent clipping of the output stage. It will not affect audio quality but it will help protect your speakers when all else fails. Some speaker systems utilise sensing controllers hard wired into the amplifier output. In this case consult the speaker manufacturer's recommendations as the amplifier limiter may interfere with the operation of the system controller. If so, you should leave the amp limiter switched out.


Rated Power (2 x 8 Ohms): 1,090 W per channel @ 1 kHz at <0.05% T.H.D. both channels driven
Rated Power (2 x 4 Ohms): 2,000 W per channel @ 1 kHz at <0.05% T.H.D. both channels driven
T.H.D: >0.5% @ 400 W per channel from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Input Impedance: 20k Ohms balanced, 10k Ohms unbalanced
Cooling: Two temperature dependant variable speed 120mm high output DC fans
Controls: Two front panels attenuators, rear panel mode switch and gain select switch
Net Weight: 35 kg

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